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5 Wood Ceiling Designs to Add Unparalleled Beauty to Your Home

Wood ceilings are indeed one of the best materials for decorating your homes. They look fascinating even in their simplest form. It is always refreshing to see a beautifully designed ceiling first thing in the morning. These ceilings add the touch of warmth and elegance in your room. They totally revitalize the look of your home at their own, practically eliminating the need for too many decorative accessories. They are also the perfect option if you don’t want to spend too much money on home decoration. Following lines explain some amazing wood panel ceiling designs for your home. Carry on reading and make your choice.

Simple Pine Panels

One of the easiest options to give your home modern yet chic look is to install simple pine wood paneled ceiling. You can install floor wood panels on your ceiling and walls as well to totally transform your home into something dramatic and spectacular. Homeowners widely use pine panels to decorate their ceilings. They are not only very stylish but inexpensive and durable as well. It is indeed the best option for you if you are thinking about installing wood ceilings.

5 Wood Ceiling Designs to Add Unparalleled Beauty to Your Home

by KellyBaron

Vaulted Wood Ceiling

When a ceiling has an arch structure, it is known as a vaulted ceiling. Most often, they are made of stone or concrete. However, more and more homeowners are using wood panels to construct vaulted ceilings for their homes nowadays. There is usually a pointed arch at the top of vaulted wood ceilings, unlike original ones which have a round top like a dome. These ceilings can create a dramatic ambiance especially in attics and living rooms. Vaulted wood ceilings are perfect for homes with high ceilings. But – you can also install them in homes with lower ceilings.

5 Wood Ceiling Designs to Add Unparalleled Beauty to Your Home

by My House Design Build

Flat Panel Wooden Ceilings

Flat panel wood ceilings are getting increasingly popular these days. In this type of ceiling, wood panels or planks are installed side by side horizontally under a plain original ceiling. Flat wood panels offer natural beauty and add timeless appeal to your home. There are many other ways in which you can enhance their beauty. For example, you can polish them bright or hang crystal lights from them to further accentuate their effect.

Flat panel ceilings also offer you a lot of flexibility. You can mold them into any shape you like such as fall and drop ceilings or circular ceilings. Similarly, you can adorn them any way you want. For instances, you can get a fantastic tropical look by installing linear panels vertically and at some distance from each other.

5 Wood Ceiling Designs to Add Unparalleled Beauty to Your Home

by Marcus DiPietro Architect

Curved Panel Wooden Ceilings

Curved styles are a recent but stunning addition to the family of wooden ceilings. They are similar in design to other forms of wood panel ceilings. The only difference is that the panels are curved. They are available in both veneer and hardwood. Currently, you can buy these ceilings only from commercial manufacturers. They come in many designs and styles such as thick and thin, concave, convex and curves.

All of these design work well with all types of room. Curved wooden panels can help you create beautiful styles and patterns in your room, a feature previously associated with concrete ceilings only. You can further enhance their looks by installing lamps and chandeliers from them.

5 Wood Ceiling Designs to Add Unparalleled Beauty to Your Home

by Tommy Daspit Photographer

Wooden Wallpapers

Wooden wallpapers are a new but very promising material to embellish room ceilings. The combination of standard wood panels and wallpapers offer endless design possibilities to the designers. They are usually made of cork or veneer and display natural elegance and beauty. Designers recommend installing them on the original wood panel ceiling to add more charm and warmth to the room. They are very easy to clean and devoid of any odor as well.

5 Wood Ceiling Designs to Add Unparalleled Beauty to Your Home

by Shawna Jaramillo

Hopefully, these resources has helped you come up with new and innovative wood ceiling design ideas. Now, it is time to implement these ideas and totally invigorate the style and looks of your home using wood.

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